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What can a family law attorney do for me?

The most common example of a family law attorney is one that helps a parent get custody of their children. While child custody is a major family law consideration, it does not begin or end there for most people. Prior to a divorce or even a separation, a family law attorney will help guide you through what is necessary to prepare for the road ahead. Family law attorneys ensure that their clients are taking all the necessary steps to protect themselves. They often are a lifeline for clients going through the most difficult experience in their life. Family law attorneys negotiate separation agreements and send important separation notices to adverse parties. Most importantly, they help ensure their clients are treated fairly throughout the process.

As for actions in family law cases, attorneys can seek alimony, post-separation support, child custody, equitable distribution, domestic violence protective orders and civil no-contact orders. There are more, less common remedies in family law cases, such as constructive trusts, resulting trusts, alienation of affection, and criminal conversation. And even less common actions such as fraud.

What is family law?

Family law is an area of practice that focuses on relationships between two or more people. It involves settling property distribution for married couples that have separated, custody of children between individuals who are married, or not, the right of one spouse to payment from the other spouse following separation, and much more. Family law touches a myriad of practice areas. It is complicated. But, on the surface, it seems very simple. For instance, take child custody. The rule of law is that the court should always do what is in the “best interest” of the child. There has likely never been a more vague rule of law. There are a number of factors and everyone has a different opinion of what is in the best interest of the child. However, it will ultimately be left to the courts to decide how best to parse the lives of the parties that are before them.

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