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This is the latest update on making a real estate transaction worry free!  Our firm has created a checklist that will make buying, selling and refinancing less stressful and ensuring that your transaction runs smoothly.

  1. A real estate transaction is probably one of the biggest investments you’ll have in your lifetime. You should attend any transaction involving real estate. By doing so, you will most likely learn what is unique about the property you are buying.
  2. By providing correct information to our firm from the start will keep everyone on tract. One of the biggest problems that our firm has recognized is information from the Offer to Purchase contract being incomplete or inaccurate. Many times, the name of the Buyer or Seller can be a single name, married couples, estate, Trust, LLC and/or Corporation and/or multiple names. To assure the contract lists correct information, inform your realtor the proper full names of how the property is held (seller) or how it is to be deeded (buyer). If you or your realtor are unsure, call our office and we’ll be able to assist.
  3. Our office will need proper contact information including, marital status, phone numbers, e-mails, social security numbers, and addresses. If you are unable to attend your closing, please notify us in advance to allow us the appropriate time to send and receive your documents. All information contained in your file is held in strict confidence and is only used on your behalf.
  4. Now that real estate is rebounding, many begin to think about a “1031”, a tax free exchange. All “1031” exchange requires an intermediary. Do not be lured by an entity giving you a low fee for acting as an intermediary. Use a business entity that only acts as an intermediary. The laws are complex and can change within a short notice. Use a professional intermediary. I can recommend such an entity.

Our office enjoys real estate closings and is very competitive.  The real estate team responds with fast, efficient and courteous services to individuals and realtors.  We are able to close real estate transactions within a two day notice on most transactions, depending of course on the complexity of the title search or mail away clients.  We have the latest technology and well trained staff.

We cover Transylvania, Henderson and Buncombe counties…….

Stop by our office and meet Cassandra R. Gerring ( and Megan R. Briscoe ( to discuss any of your real estate needs.

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